Rival5 & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2020 was an interesting year for Rival5, & the Coronavirus pandemic certainly affected everyone in one way or another. We are grateful for maintaining a healthy team during the pandemic and learning how to cope with the changes it made to our installation and service processes.

Rival5 safely onboarded new business, deployed IP phones and RLock™ endpoints across the Midwest, as well as meticulously deployed remote working solutions to both new and existing customers (that never thought they would need them). We knew we couldn't build ventilators or manufacture masks, and we wanted to give back in some way when schools were struggling to stay in touch with their students, parents, staff, and community.

We're all about changing the way people communicate--whether it be with our RMask™ Caller-ID Masking service, a pain-free emergency organization-wide all-call page using RLock™, or a complete & seamless overhaul of your telephone systems and service with RCom™, our unified communications platform.

We're committed to your organization's safety and success.

Rival5 cares about your organization just as our own.

Our sales personnel as well as field service, install, and support technicians adhere to customer site COVID-19 policies, as well as state, & local laws / regulations.

We know that as members of the community, organizations like yours may also be experiencing unexpected challenges, and we’re committed to providing as much support as possible.

There is an unprecedented increase in remote working happening worldwide, which is growing exponentially daily. Many employees who are working from home are not doing so as a perk, but as an imperative.

Remote Working Features & Functionality

COVID-19 certainly put a strain on mobile workforces, however, a lot of our existing remote working solutions were already in place and ready to go!

With the release of our mobile apps and web-ready user portal, users were able to seamlessly work from home, or in different workspaces when unable to from their usual office or employer. Other solutions that we outlined throughout the pandemic were employed, and can be read about below:

Unlimited Conference Bridges

Unlimited Conference Bridges are available for our Hosted VoIP customers. These can be PIN-protected, or open for easy to access dial-in conference calls to have within your organization.

Local DID / Toll-Free numbers can be used to access the conference bridges, or they can simply be used internally.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding per-extension or per-location/hunt group can be set to forward to external numbers, including cell phones or other locations.

Caller-ID Masking

Caller-ID Masking can be used to broadcast your organization's name and number for outbound calls from your native dialer on your mobile phone, or another phone.

Soft-Clients and Portals

Soft Clients and Portals can be used to register and make/receive calls from mobile phones, computers or other devices, but users must be aware E911 is tied to the organization's address under normal conditions.

For more information, please see rival5.com/remote

Device & Endpoint Relocation

If you would like to take your phone home and utilize your personal Internet connection, we can help you get that setup. You may need a power supply for the phone to operate outside of your network.

Due to our security policies, we may need to make firewall exceptions in our network with your home networks depending on traffic fluctuations

Updating Greetings, Messages, and Service Flags

Making sure your callers hear up-to-date recordings is important to let your customers know if you’ve made changes to your daily operations. We can help with uploading any temporary greeting and implementing an alternate schedule for call routing if needed.

Call Bursting Limitation Deletions

Some of these above listed features are limited to the number of concurrent calls available to your organization. Under normal circumstances our concurrent Call-Bursting helps prevent you and your callers from receiving a busy signal. Because we are aware many customers will be utilizing our Conference Bridge and Call-Forwarding features during this time; we are temporarily implementing a new policy for Call-Bursting.

Since March 17, 2020, Rival5 has been allowing unlimited Call-Bursting to our customers for no extra charge.

Unlimited Customer Support

Rival5 is proud of our support team! Throughout the pandemic and the ups/downs after with remote working fluctuating, our support team has been on standby to help implement many of the above no-charge features, as well as assist you and your users with access to our services.

To contact our support team at any time, please visit https://support.rival5.com and submit a ticket with our team, or start a live chat.

We look forward to working with you!