We Are Rival5

Rival5 Technologies Corporation "Rival5" is a Mokena, Illinois based company that specializes in Managed Cloud Communications solutions. Since founding in 2011, we have partnered with a variety of businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other entities to change the way they communicate.

Our turnkey approach relieves the stress that comes with managing complex telecommunication solutions -- allowing organizations to focus on what they do best.

Dedicated | Reliable | Knowledgeable | Nimble | Supportive

Our Mission

Provide superior customer service
as our core business -
not a byproduct of what we offer.

Our History

Our team has decades of experience directly implementing telephone systems and hosted services. We were originally founded by regular, everyday people with expertise from Siemens, AT&T, IBM, and other privately-held telecom companies. Since then, we've built (and continue to grow) a reputable bank of knowledge within our company.

Every day we strive to learn more to help design our solutions, expand our network, and serve our customers. We've used our experience of premise PBX's, SaaS offerings, hosted VoIP services, SIP trunking, PRI, POTS, and more to build our platforms and network unique to our customers' needs.

Why Rival5

A True Partner

We work hand-in-hand with customers and approach organizations as if they were our own. We learn how our customers operate, which helps us customize voice solutions unique to their needs.


Our solutions are supported by us as a whole. If an issue is not our problem or not under our control, we help to identify and resolve it.

No finger-pointing here.

Tight-Knit Support

Our secure, comprehensive services are backed by our superior support, with tight-knit software development and device/endpoint manufacturer relationships as an integral part of our solutions.

Our centralized team deploys, maintains, and maintain stable update cycles. We handle all of the software updates and patches on our end,  including device firmware upgrades, as well as feature requests and enhancements on our platform. All of this to allow our customers to focus on what they do best, not manage their phone systems.

No Resellers Here

We provide our support and service end-to-end rather than acting as an agent or reseller of another company's product.

We also work and partner with managed service providers (MSPs) that we get to know and trust to refer or recommend us to customers & prospects.

Federally Registered and Licensed

We're registered with the FCC as an Interconnected VoIP provider and remain in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations that govern telecom. So there are no surprises, we've learned to include all relevant local, state, and federal telecom taxes and fees on all invoices and proposals. Many other providers don't.

Safety and Security

Since its inception, Rival5 has recognized safety and security as our number one priority. We partner with best-in-class industry leaders to build and support a robust E911 network and achieve full compliance with recent mandates, including Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act.
Hundreds of 911 calls traverse our network every year.

Stability & Reliability

Multiple internet peering partners throughout our data center networks provide us stable and reliable connectivity for all voice and data traffic to and from our customers.

Service Delivery

We work with customers to bring in and support our traffic over existing internet connections and data networks - eliminating separate circuits, routers, or the need to recreate topologies.

Customers Choose Us!

We ask for feedback when every ticket is resolved!
Here's our satisfaction average pulled live from our ticketing and support systems every 3 hours.

Hello from the CEO.


Many telecom companies use the old school business philosophy: our products are great, our customer service is the best, and we need to close a sale by the end of the month (the end of the month part is not always disclosed). The bottom line: promise the world and deliver nothing! Unfortunately, this has become the norm and not the exception for many traditional businesses. 

On May 5, 2011, a group of guys and their spouses formed Rival5 Technologies Corporation to rival telecom carriers and vendors by providing superior customer service. They changed the old school business philosophy for its customers.

Rival5's business philosophy is very different from our competitors. Our business is customer service, not a byproduct of what we offer. When you become a Rival5 customer, you are essentially purchasing our support, and the byproduct is our software, phones, and connectivity. Our products still need to be innovative and satisfy your needs, but knowing we have your back is the key to a successful business relationship. 

As president, CEO, and co-founder, I strive to help our customers in making wise decisions for their communication needs. Although cost is an essential factor when making any business decision, I strongly feel the value in the services offered is priceless. If the value of our service allows you and your employees to work efficiently and be more productive, the savings are inevitable. 

Every day I encourage our team to look through the eyes of our customers and embrace situations as if it was their organization. With this mindset, I am honored to be part of a team that genuinely cares about the customer’s needs. Our customers are continually providing us feedback by commenting on support tickets telling us we are doing a “Great Job!” Additionally, we have a high customer retention rate, proving we are on track meeting and many times exceeding our customer’s expectations. 

Thank you for taking the time to share our vision.

Tony Brncich
President and CEO
Rival5 Technologies Corporation
Tony Brncich, CEO

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Our Mission

Providing superior customer service
as our core business -
not a byproduct of what we offer.