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Like any organization, we strive on the feedback we receive from our customers, subscribers, and sometimes even potential customers evaluating our service.

Whether obtaining feedback through word-of-mouth, testimonials, customer surveys, or feedback results on a routine support request, we review it all to better improve all aspects of our business!
Coal City Unit School District #1
Jason Smith
Chief School Business Official

"Rival5 has provided Coal City Schools with a reliable telecommunications platform. Their knowledgeable staff and attention to supporting the customer is second to no one."

Sunnybrook School District 171
Mike McGowan
Technology Coordinator

"We couldn’t be happier with Rival5. They have provided quick, reliable service. When we needed assistance with anything, we spoke to a live technician, and our requests were handled very quickly on the first call."

Allstate Insurance
Dean De Angelis
Agency Owner

"Rival5 has provided Allstate Insurance with a great telecommunications system! The decision to partner with Rival5 over five years ago was a brilliant move. We now have the platform we need to grow our business. The attention to detail and top notch customer service is ​second to none! The very best in the business and I will continue to refer them to other companies.​"

Hawkinson Nissan / Kia
Joe Ward
Chief Financial Officer

"Rival5 provides superior support for our business. Whether a minor phone change, or an addition to a whole new department, Rival5 is there with their ​expertise to help solve our paging, routing, and set-up needs. The staff is always helpful and can figure out a simple solution to a complex problem."

Firefly Legal
Matt Massa
Vice President

"Firefly Legal is a customer-centric organization that looks to partner with like-minded companies and Rival5 is a shining example of this.  Since inception, they were informative, knowledgeable and patient with us and have remained this way since.   Their on-demand style customer service is exactly what we needed and can depend on no matter what, they get the job done quickly and correctly.  It is a joy working with Rival5."

​"The Winnetka Public Schools was in the market for a new phone system after problems with E911 and continued issues with hardware and licensing. For years, we had been patching various systems ourselves for E911, VoIP, intercoms, and more. After meeting with various vendors, our decision was clearly in favor of Rival5. We can’t even rate their customer service; it’s off the charts. Implementation went off without a hitch and their process required very little effort from our team. We are extremely satisfied with their care and continued support. We highly recommend taking a good, long look at Rival5."
​Winnetka Public Schools District 36
Maureen Chertow Miller
Director of Technology

Manhattan School District 114
Russell Ragon

"Manhattan School District has complete trust in Rival5 as a company when it comes to helping us with our telecommunication needs. Their company officers and staff are knowledgeable, proactive, and responsive in providing solutions to both needs and problems. We are happy to have Rival5 as a partner and have had nothing but an outstanding experience in working with them.​"

​Joliet Public Schools District 86
John Armstrong
Director of Technology and Information Services

We had been searching for the right phone system and the right provider for some time.  We knew we needed a plan to change.  As we narrowed our options, Rival5 continued to be invited back for discussions. Right from the beginning Rival5 listened to our needs as well as our concerns and proved to be the best match for Joliet Public Schools District 86.  The Rival5 team is incredibly responsive.  Installation and implementation were highly successful.  In addition to providing a quality system and quality service, we now generate significant savings each month.  We are highly pleased with our new system and with Rival5.​"

​Weldstar Company
​Matt Hurd
Manager of Information Services

"We've had a great experience with Rival5 for our branch phone service. We have branches throughout Illinois and Indiana, and our Rival5 VoIP phones allow all of our branches to work together more seamlessly without expensive and complicated on-premise systems to maintain. Pricing is straightforward and honest, and the Rival5 tech support team is second to none. After working with one of the "big guys" in the industry and sitting on hold, and getting transferred over and over again when a problem occurred, working with Rival5 has been refreshing. The voice quality we've experienced has been excellent, and even our most skeptical employees have loved their new phones. If you're in the market for a new business phone system, these guys should be your first call."

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